Why Digital Marketing is important for your Business?


With the rise of the Internet it has also changed the way we market our services in the form of Digital marketing. Within the past few years the Importance of digital marketing has only increased and has become an integral part of business strategies designed for consumers.  But the question that might come to your mind is- Why is Digital Marketing important for your business? And what significance does it have? 

In this article we will discuss why you need digital marketing and its importance.

Reach people where they are present.

Last year in 2019 average internet users were having at least 5 social media accounts which has increased from the previous year. Most of the adults under 65 have used social media at least once a month and the vast majority of youth under 35 uses it every day.

2019 Social media statistic

(Image Source : wearesocial )

In fact 22% of the world population is on Facebook. And every day user count for Facebook is 75% and 50% for Instagram. An average person spends over 2 hours a day on social media every day. 

One of the main reasons to invest in Social media marketing for businesses is that your customers are spending most of their time on these channels. According to statistics by the end of 2020, the number of social media users worldwide is expected to reach about 3.1 billion people. With so many consumers active on social media every day presents a great opportunity for businesses who want to reach their target audience.

Nowadays social media have optimized their platform such that millennials see ads that are more relevant to them. 45% of people as per statistics have made online purchases as a result of Facebook ads.

Social media marketing is an essential part of digital marketing, but it is important to see other aspects of marketing as well and why you need digital marketing.

Equal opportunity for businesses to compete

With digital marketing playing its role, it makes sure to give equal opportunity for all types of businesses. Digital marketing earlier was considered and embraced by multinationals and big companies, but now digital marketing gives opportunity for small and medium enterprises to compete on digital stage against MNCs and established businesses.

Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to advertise within your budget, which becomes one the essential reasons for businesses to be online. When a campaign is optimized properly for the target audience, it provides efficient returns on investment. Thus targeting an audience is another factor why you need to go digital with marketing.

Targeted Audience 

The reason why digital marketing is controlling marketing activities over traditional marketing is because of the capacity of this marketing method to incorporate with the target audience to ensure desired results. 

Digital marketing helps to differentiate between huge demographics, which can filter out your target audience and make ads relevant to them. This relevancy has the ability to influence purchase decisions.

Taking search advertisements as an example. Through AdWords you can target audience searching on google. 65% of website traffic is generated through search engines.

For businesses it is important to focus on SEO to organically grow traffic for your websites. This not only saves money on PPC but also has a long term approach to grow business consistently.

But if your website is new and business requires quick results on search engine, PPC aka search advertising can prove beneficial to position your brand in top results. 

Similarly social media advertising also allows you to narrow down your audience by interest, location, age, gender, recent behaviour and other demographics.

Cost effective than traditional marketing

Business with no assets and capitalization will find marketing in digital form most efficient. As per statistics and a report from HubSpot, up to 42% of respondents claimed getting returns and savings using digital marketing methods for their product and services.

It also further suggested that 30% of businesses involved in digital marketing shifted their budgets from traditional mediums to digital channels.

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Delivers Conversions

Brands measure success by the rate of traffic that gets converted into leads, subscribers, sales etc. You have to make sure if the traffic is approaching you have created engagement otherwise all of your marketing efforts will go waste. That is why digital marketer’s top priority should be to focus on conversion rate optimization.

Different digital marketing activities like SEO, Email marketing, social media optimization will help your digital marketing efforts to optimize conversions.

A report from HubSpot suggests that the Search engine optimization, social media optimization and email marketing creates fast viable communication with the audience and ensures higher conversion rate.

Builds Brand Reputation

The significance of digital marketing lies in the ability of attracting your target audience, who are interested to know and find more about your brand and convinced enough to buy what you offer. Offering for what you promised will enable you to build a long term buyer-customer relationship.

One of the reasons to associate with digital marketing is that it will help to build brand awareness, as fulfilled clients will likely influence other individuals to get involved with your brand.

Your online presence will become a viral sensation, which will ensure the far reach and development of your brand.

Influence audience with CTA

One of the reasons for the success of digital marketing for businesses is you can experiment with different techniques and find one that can best allure individuals to make a positive move you expect. CTA is one of such methods which is Call to Action that influence what your visitors should be doing next. You can be innovative in ways that you can ensure conversions using CTA.

Calls to Action guides your visitor on what they should do when on your site, you can let them download, make purchase, sign up, subscribe and much more. Optimize buttons, messages, forms as per graphics, text and colour scheme etc. of your website for maximum conversions.

The Takeaway

Conclusively it can be said that digital marketing is important and a need for every business to sustain the competitive business environment. Now the question is how do I start with Digital Marketing? Either you can appoint a team specifically for digital marketing for your company or could hire a Digital Marketing Agency in Ahmedabad.

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