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For any business to fare well in today’s world, social media has become an important criterion of judgment. The online presence of any brand has the main objective of attracting more pairs of eyes to its content. Some of these content and websites do very well in the case of online presence and SEO ranking. But others need further steps to go to reach that level of the audience. To improve your audience base, there are a couple of tips to boost SEO ranking and social media followers. There might be a couple of basic questions going through our mind though.


How does SEO ranking get affected by social media?


Social media followers and popularity of posts do not directly affect Google ranking of a business or brand. However, there are a lot of underlying benefits of having a strong social media foothold. It acts as a prerequisite for establishing a brand.  Publicly sharing your posts on a social media site with millions of followers is indeed helpful to boost SEO. It basically ensures that more people know about your content and what you offer. More eyes on the content bring in more customers which end up with sales and profit. More traffic also improves SEO ranking making it an extremely lucrative method of boosting SEO.

Here are some tips to boost the SEO of your business:

     1. Post relevant content:

If you are in the clothing business and keep posting about boats, you are likely to lose out on the people who want to buy clothes. If the people do not understand what products and services you are offering, they might move past your posts to some other relatable social media pages. This is why clarity and relevance play a huge role in building a base of customers online. Keeping the same username and handle as that of your business avoids confusion on the people’s part. Making sure that the first word on the introduction of your website and the bio column of the social media page are the same for higher SEO ranking.

     2. Create an attractive landing page:

On social media platforms, every move has to be instant. Most people do not invest too much time getting into the details of a website if they don’t find it relatable in under a minute. This is why building up quick likeability for the brand and product is an important step. When people click on an ad for the business, the first page that appears on their screen is called the ‘landing page’. This page can make or break a customer of the business. An attractive landing pages with precise yet informative product presentation and brand values turn prospective customers to customers.

    3. An insight into your brand:

Consistent product vision and goals of business provide a sense of confidence to the audience. The difference in these brand morals and objectives given on the website and the social media profiles often shows disharmony between them. Both of them must be put up in such a way that they appear to be interlinked with shared interests. The posts on social media are what will ultimately guide the people to the website. So when people search for similar products and values as that of your business, your website and social media accounts will pop up on the screen by each other. Thus it will be easily accessible by them and it improves the SEO ranking as well.


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   4. Know your audience:

In order to know what people want, you have to listen to them and then respond to it. People tend to find content relatable when they find their interests presented to them in an attractive way. Target those people who are likely to be interested in your product. Categorize people as per their age, gender or needs. After that social media content can be created to cater to what they are looking for. Comment on other page’s similar posts to let new people know of your business and start answering some questions in the comments, tweets or sites like Quora to generate awareness about the brand and the product.

    5. Make it fun with images and video clips:

People will spend more time on your webpage if they like what they see. Pages and pages of essays get no attention when it comes to social media. Short and fun content dominates the platforms. Inclusion of images and small video clips give a one look insight into the content ahead and incites the audience to know more. This image needs to be related to the post and the brand to make sense and grab the attention of the people.

    6. Make proper use of hashtags and keywords:

Wherever there is SEO, there have to be keywords involved somehow. ‘Key’ word is one of the most important tips to boost the SEO of your website. The specific words you use on your website to make it more visible to a large number of people when they type it on a search engine. This is why relevant and correct keywords improve the SEO rankings like none other. The right hashtags make it more visible to the people who search for those words online. Instagram and Twitter have this feature. An appropriate hashtag on twitter can make that particular post visible on Google as well if that hashtag is typed in the search bar. This automatically increases SEO rankings and movies it above other pinks and websites.

    7. Pick quality posts over quantity:

There is a reason why there is a spam folder for emails. An ocean of mails and posts are counterproductive, irrespective of what people think. A hoard of posts, tweets, and notifications have a negative effect on the followers’ base. Unless the post has a high standard in terms of content and quality, it won’t be effective in engaging the audience. It defeats the purpose of having a social media page or handle. Instead of 100 annoying posts a day, 3-4 good quality posts per week will prove to be more effective in reaching the interested people.

    8. Collaboration on posts and projects:

Partnering up with other brands and people with similar business or interest results in mutual benefit. Creating better content by putting both of your resources and minds to work will fare much better on social media. People love to see people with similar views and passions coming together to create content which is a combination of 2 smart sets of minds. Sharing these posts will become twice easier and twice as effective in comparison to doing it alone. How well these two teams work together also shows how relatable these products brands are.

     9. Get your mentions hyperlinked:

When you put up good content, people and other pages on social media will get their eyes on it. If they are making similar content, chances are that they might mention a section of your post, the name of your company, the headline of an article you posted, etc. These mentions are viewed by even more people who loyally follow those other pages. Hyperlinking these mentions will direct the audience from that article to your page and content and improve SEO and viewings.

   10. Advertise your content:

Creating good content is a necessary condition for higher viewings and more traction. But then what is the use of good content if it can’t even reach the people who want to see it? This is why advertising and sharing posts and blogs on various social media platforms becomes so important for any business. Online connections with other people, bloggers, and brands with a large following can also be put to use by requesting them to share it as well. So, maybe someday you can do the same for them.


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