The largest human population isn’t in China or India but in fact; Facebook has the largest human population with around 2.5 billion active users making it the number one social media platform. It has a large number of users, making it the best example of unity in diversity. It’s quite easy to find an audience on Facebook with either the classic, organic way of marketing or the paid form of marketing to lure in the customers. To know more about how you can market your product or services on Facebook, you can always contact us directly.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ it is said. Instagram is a platform to market your product and services through various pictorials, and audiovisuals mean. With over 1 billion users as of January 2020, it’s safe to say Instagram has secured the second place after Facebook.

According to statistics, 25 million businesses share content on Instagram almost every day. We help you to set your Instagram feed and advertisements apart from the rest. With popular hashtags and creative content, we help you reach the mass more effectively.

Twitter is a unique social media platform that involves microblogging. This type of social media consists of short, effective and soft content that draws an audience towards your platform. The best part about Twitter is that your target audience doesn’t necessarily need to have a Twitter account to see your reach your feed.

Twitter also has promoted tweets, accounts, trends and allows paid advertising. The algorithm also focuses on timelines and influence, and it may sound complicated to understand but lucky for you we got your back.

Pinterest is a social media platform where people can share or discover a new interest through visualization and audiovisual means. Images or videos can be pinned to a person’s board and shared among the users. The receivers are to click on the media, and they immediately visit the business owner’s website.

Pinterest is definitely an effective way to connect with your audience with its more than appealing structure. In the past months, Pinterest has gained over 69 million pinners from all over.

LinkedIn is a social media platform to exchange knowledge and employment opportunities. The platform is for professionals seeking work and for businesses seeking professionals. This platform is a perfect place for the career development of the customers and to lay out your profile for them to see. It helps in educating potential customers and raising awareness about your product or service.

We help you enhance your professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with various people.

YouTube is an online video sharing platform. The website allows you to upload videos or content which can be screened on their YouTube channel or through paid advertisements. This principle works on how people would rather trust what they see rather than what they hear or read about it.

However, creating content that appeals to your target audience is not an easy task because thousands of videos are uploaded every day, and we help in eliminating those obstacles and help you in promoting your brand.

Snapchat is a social media application for multimedia messaging. In relation to SMM, Snapchat can be a very useful platform as well to promote your product and services. The app has a large potential to market a product or service and has huge potential for e-commerce.

According to studies Snapchat had 218 million active users in January 2020, and that is more than a million snaps sent, received and read by users. Moreover, with the help of Snapchat, we connect you with the youth rather than any type of audience.

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