How do I get started with digital marketing?


Digital marketing, internet marketing or online advertising is the need of this era to get started with digital marketing today for your business. Internet users are increasing rapidly every year as more people are adapting technology. This has massively affected the way people are consuming services and buying products online.

So, what defines digital marketing? Digital marketing is a way to connect people online with their brands and influence them to engage with your content. The real deal is how you convert your targeted audience to consumers. 

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing basically refers to a form of marketing activities and efforts done on the internet to interact with their targeted audience with different types of digital marketing approach. Online presence of brands not only helps brands to engage with their audience but also creates brand awareness and generates leads for sales.

Here are few different Types of digital marketing and strategies.

Social media marketing  

Social media marketing is a form of marketing activities done with social media channels. It is the best organic way to build for your brand online, which will surely give consistent returns over time. Though to build an audience on social media requires effort and is a time consuming process but worth for the returns it will provide.


Search engine optimization is one of the essential aspects of digital marketing. SEO helps you to gain consumers for your business in the most efficient and organic way through ranking your website on search engines.


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Ranking your website in top results usually takes a lot of efforts and is a time consuming process. But you always have an option to opt for paid advertising.


Pay per click or PPC is advertising through paid mediums such as google AdWords, your ads will appear in top search results above organic. Through biding you can buy your ad for a targeted keyword. You are bound to pay for every click on your ads made by your audience. Thus to make it efficient and effective you can optimize it through AdWords for desired results.

Content Marketing

Content is considered as the king in digital marketing, because majorly all digital marketing activities are surrounded with content such as for email, blog, infographics, eBook etc. Content is usually prepared with the motive to engage the audience with the brand. Which helps to build brand awareness and drive sales through click and share.

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Email marketing


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Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing and yet effectively going strong. Digital marketers use email campaigns to promote their deals, events, blog and many other things in the interest of business.

Does digital marketing work?

Digital marketing is a great opportunity for all kinds of business to advance their marketing efforts. No matter if your brand is small, it still can compete with multinational companies with digital marketing.

However, the approach might be different for every business. Like B2B and B2C have a distinct audience and so will also differ on their goals for the audience.

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The right blend of digital marketing strategies might vary from industry to industry, but simply comparing B2B and B2C can give an idea of different strategies that can work for businesses. 

How do I get started?

Getting started with digital marketing is not difficult at all. Today most every online advertising platform is easy to use, sign up and create your first campaign.

However, for the success of a digital marketing campaign you need to abide with a strong strategy. Regardless of what technique you choose, ask yourself these questions before you get started with digital marketing.

How much do you need to make?

To find what you need to spend on digital marketing, first you need clarity on what your goals are. Identifying the goal will decide your approach to achieve them, the goal can be to drive traffic, leads, conversions, revenue, sales or return on investment.

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When you get the approach, the goal of any marketing effort should be to maintain ROI. Ensure your investment on digital marketing campaigns is driving profitable revenue for your brand. 

Click though is good, but it won’t make you money instead it will help to build brand awareness.

Keeping all factors in mind, decide how much revenue you want and then determine your budget for a digital marketing campaign. First thing you need to spend. Once you do that, use data to find out how much ad spend will be required to achieve the revenue goal.

Who are you marketing to?

Once you get to know the expected return you are looking to achieve, you need to identify the audience you are going to market. It is important to understand the buyer persona because it will take a different approach for different audiences. 


Understanding the funnel approach of buyer’s persona will help to identify your target audience. The different stages of funnel are – 

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Decision

Doing a research on your audience will get you the details you need to put together for an effective Digital Marketing Strategy for conversions of your goals.

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What are your Customers worth?

Buyer persona is considered a good way to craft an effective marketing strategy. Not only this it is also important putting together an effective digital marketing plan. Let’s take an example of a business providing services online with different 2 pricing packages i.e. basic, pro package.

In this situation you are targeting an audience with a different mind set and buyer persona.

Basic plan will target the audience with limited requirement i.e students which will fulfil their basic needs on less cost

Whereas Pro a little advanced features will target an audience with professional needs i.e. working individuals which will cost more.

If strategy implied through planning can make these customers subscribe to your services and increase the worth of your product by just considering buyer persona approach in your digital marketing plan.

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Digital marketing is effective today and sure will be the future. It is the need for business to get started with digital marketing to stay competitive in business. Which can be done through a proper well planned digital marketing strategy.

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