Becoming an entrepreneur comes with various risks and challenges. As an entrepreneur, you must keep changing your perspective to look at your business, and try new ways of reaching out to your clients. From product manufacturing to marketing strategies, you should be aware of all aspects and techniques. One such aspect is an appropriate SEO technique for the marketing of your business.


Entrepreneur Must Know About SEO


What is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing discipline which aims at getting the targeted pages of your website to appear conspicuously in Google’s search results when people search for the products or the services which you sell. It’s a practice of increasing the quality as well as quantity of website traffic through non-paid or organic search results. It also provides the desired exposure to your company. It, in turn, helps in deciding the ranking of your website.

Search Engine Optimization seems complicated, and there is a fair chance that you, as an entrepreneur or a CEO, have found yourself getting lost in understanding its process and working. If not taken seriously, SEO has the power to spoil the appeal of your website and turn all your efforts to south.

SEO is undoubtedly a long-term process and requires patience and alertness to understand it, but we have come up with a list of 5 key things which you as an entrepreneur or CEO need to know about SEO.


#1 Meta Tags and their roles

Meta tags are the words hidden in your code which are unlikely to be spotted by the browsers. They have an essential role to play but are tricky to handle. Although it is important to know that merely stressing over the meta tags isn’t going to help your website overall. Google doesn’t consider them for the website’s ranking. Many SEO factors contribute to their working, and hence, each of them should be given equal priority.

It is also necessary to give equal importance to meta tags and put only the necessary ones for the title and description. Extra meta tags take up the code space and might backfire our expectations.


Meta Description


#2 Knowledge about “Organic” Google results

As mentioned, organic search results are non-paid. Hence, it is a high chance that the rankings would be a mix of both brand and generic keyword results. This makes it important to understand the difference between brand and generic performance, and also to understand the importance of brand building for your company.

Applying proper SEO strategies to get the desired results is necessary. It also keeps a check on your SEO efforts and whether your company’s web presence is sufficient.


#3 Google Crawling and Indexing

Indexing is the process of adding web pages to Google search. Depending on what meta tags you use, index or no index, Google crawls and indexes your pages. Crawling is when bots visit your website and follow the linked pages around your website.

A no index tag means that a certain page will not be added to the web search’s index. It is vital to take indexing seriously for your webpages to appear in the results and affect your rankings. The primary advice is to make sure that the search engines can access your content by priority and in a hierarchy.



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#4 Categorization of SEO

There are three categories of SEO: technical, on-page, and off-page SEO. Technical SEO is an essential part of SEO where you optimize your website and index your webpages. 301 directs, XML sitemaps, canonical tags, robots.txt, site speed, DNS settings, mobile friendliness, etc. are also its examples.

On-page SEO refers to a collection of tactics which aim towards making your website more visible and indexable to the search engines. It includes optimizing titles and meta descriptions, heading tags, URL, image alt attributes, etc. Off-page SEO refers to optimizing the external elements about the quality of the website. Like unlinked brand mentions, local citations, high-quality backlinks, and social media engagement.


What is SEO

#5  Rate of Progression with SEO

You already know that whatever takes time, gives excellent results. Same is with the case of SEO. You cannot expect quick results from SEO just as a paid search. The search engine algorithm runs under regular updations, and it is a dynamic target which is bound to take months of patience and dedication to give good results.


Although SEO seems complicated and requires many efforts, it is still the best strategy to get your business going and succeed as an entrepreneur or CEO.


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