6 Most Effective Types of Social Media Advertising in 2020

Nowadays, our lives have transformed into a digital existence. From ordering food online to getting pharmacies delivered at our doorstep, digital fever has affected every sphere of our life.

Online marketing is the new trend, and it has indeed proved to be useful for all kinds of businesses. It will help to grow your brand and make it a successful business. For this, you must build a great marketing strategy and put the plans into action.

Social media advertising is one such business strategy. Using the right kind of digital advertising for your business can help you create a local brand image.

There is no limit to social media advertisements. Many advertisement schemes by various social platforms are affordable for someone who is just getting started. Indeed, by following the social media advertising tips discussed here, you can master social media advertising in 2020.

Social media advertising creates brand awareness at local, national and international level. Targeting the right audience with the right content, will boost your sales from the first day of the advertisement.

Here, we shall see why advertising on social media platforms in 2020 is crucial for the success of your business.

Benefits of social media advertising in 2020

  • With social media advertisements, you can always watch over your online business growth by using analytics.
  • It is affordable, convenient and serves its purpose effectively.
  • You can target specific customers, belonging to a certain age group or employed in a particular sector, as per your product on platforms like Facebook, etc.

Interesting statistics:

  • More than 80 million businesses are using Facebook to promote and sell their products.
  • The use of social media on mobile phones is increasing by 49% every year.
  • In 2019, worldwide digital ad spending was estimated to be over 300 billion dollars.
  • 92% of marketers find social media more effective than conventional advertising methods.

Selecting the appropriate platform for your brand’s endorsement is crucial. Here, you will learn how to attract potential customers by utilizing the most effective types of social media advertising. You shall also learn how to increase sales for your business through social media advertising in 2020.

Choosing the right social media platform

There are several types of social media platforms, for instance, social networking portals. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. This list also contains Microblogging sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr. Furthermore, there are photo-sharing sites like Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Besides, you also have video sharing platforms. These include YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope and Vimeo.

Typically, there are six such social media platforms, where you can invest your money to generate leads by advertising. Choose the right social media network to market your brand as per your requirements. Select such a network that your target audience usually visits.

Here are three critical factors. These can help you choose the right social media networks to market your brand.

  1. Choose a network that is popular and always used by your target customers.
  2. Select a Social Media network where your target customers can easily engage with the advertisement.
  3. Select a network where you can easily reach out to your target customers.

Since we are familiar with the role and importance of social media networking for our business, we will now explore how six of these popular social media platforms will help you to reach out to your customers. You will undoubtedly gain profit in your business by boosting social media advertisements in 2020.

The six major types of social media advertising in 2020 include –

  • Facebook Advertising.
  • Instagram Advertising.
  • Twitter Advertising.
  • Pinterest Advertising.
  • LinkedIn Advertising.
  • Snapchat Advertising.

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Facebook Advertising

Facebook hosts over 2.4 billion active users per month. It helps you to reach the most significant amount of people through the social network. Thus, Facebook has become the most viable social platform for advertising. You can generate leads here, let people know about your brand, get viewers for your posts and also run various types of ads like carousel ads, canvas ads etc. This, in turn, may also help to increase your website traffic. It will also create awareness about your brand.

Facebook runs advanced targeting. It gives you the option to customize your target audience using filters for location, job description, interests, and past activity. It is far more effective and easier to use than any other social media platform. These are the reasons why Facebook is known as one of the best marketing networks – for anyone & everyone.

Facebook lets you run your ad for a low price. It ensures affordable advertising. However, their advertising teams can stop you from advertising on Facebook. But, this will only happen if your product type is prohibited by Facebook, for instance, tobacco. It also happens if you have a low advertising budget. Ad pricing is dependent on the ad type. It also depends on your target audience and budget.

Facebook is a global social media network. It is easy to create a page on Facebook and post high-quality content with images and videos to attract customers. You can also run Social media advertising campaigns, which may include giveaways, discounts, offers and more, to increase your customer base. All the advertising tools on Facebook are simple but effective.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is an excellent place for social media marketing. It has more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Instagram uses only visual media. So, advertising on Instagram is far more appealing than any other social media. It also gives you the space to get far more creative with your ads. On Instagram, ads are directly linked to a product page or page, which leads to direct engagement with your product.

Instagram’s advertisements cost the same as that of Facebook advertisements. But your ad on Instagram receives more views. Facebook owns Instagram. Instagram provides personalized suggestions to its users. It follows hashtags based on your followers’ or friends’ likes and interests.

It is an excellent place for advertisement. Even though Instagram has higher advertising costs, it provides better engagement. It is because it has high customer exposure to your ads. 83% of the people online remember what they see more than what they read or hear. Brands with youngsters as the target also prefer Instagram advertising.

Through Instagram, you can also try and reach out to any Instagram influencer and get him/her to endorse your products. People have trust in them and more likely to buy products which they promote.

The advertising rates on Instagram are measured, in CPC or cost per click. For some businesses, it is 1$, but for industries with high competition, the prices can shoot. The promise of more customers remains constant, though.

Twitter Advertising

Another convenient social media platform for you to advertise your products is Twitter. Twitter has about 330 million active users monthly. It is considered to be a great place for those who run an online store.

Twitter advertisements can be free. It is a quick, easy to use platform for you to create quality content and post it continuously. It will get your customer’s attention. Marketers on twitter can advertise their brand or product by sharing attractive images and videos relating to the products.

Most of the Twitter users are expected to shop at least 6.9 times a month online, while some people use Twitter to shop online around 4.3 times in a month. Twitter is suitable for smaller businesses as it helps you to communicate very effectively.

Typically, Twitter ads cost $9 to $11. In the past two years, more marketers are using twitter advertising. Thus, it has increased the cost of advertising on twitter.

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest has over 1.5 million active users monthly. Ecommerce websites widely use Pinterest for the advertisement of their products. The case study confirms that brands whose target are women will find Pinterest to be helpful.

Pinterest runs a highly targeted search engine. Pinterest uses the high performing pin and promotes it based on customer’s engagement on it. Those promoted pins are made highly visible to those who browse keywords related to your brand. The engagement on the platform is high and is ideal for you if you can get creative with your graphic design.

Pinterest was expensive. It was only open to big brands. However, Pinterest now has affordable advertisement rates. It has a similar advertisement price as other social media platforms. Here, one user cites a CPM of $5.50 and a CPC of $1.50.

85% of Pinterest users plan to purchase on Pinterest. Also, 73% of its users end up buying the product. It engages your audience in your ad for a longer time.

For a successful advertisement through Pinterest, you have to be creative. Attract your customers’ attention by creating a relevant description of your product. It further improves the visibility of your ads.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a social media platform for working people. It is for B2B businesses. LinkedIn has around 260 million monthly active users. It is the best social media platform for employees and graduates. According to a report, 50% of web B2B traffic that comes from social media is from LinkedIn.

You can get great results from LinkedIn advertisements. For this, you need to target customers based on some specific factors, for example, location, age, size of the company, type of company, skills, and education. Create advertisements that focus on solving working on people’s problems.

On LinkedIn, you will find the highest average disposable income. You will also find quality leads on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a good advertising site for recruiters. It also works for secondary education and B2B products and services.

The cost of LinkedIn may range from $2 to $7 per click. It can also reach $11 or $12. For B2B product businesses, LinkedIn is the right place for advertisements.

Snapchat Advertising

Since recent years, Snapchat has emerged as the most popular social media platform.  It has approximately 300 million monthly active users.

Snapchat owns a high value in the marketing field. It can reach 41% of all of its 18 to 34 years old users in the United States. This is how Snapchat stands out in the social media advertisement field.

Indeed, the interactive video ads on Snapchat receives high swipe-ups. This is higher in comparison to average swipe-ups or clicks on other social media platforms. But ads on Snapchat are costly. However, advertisements on Snapchat receive a massive response from users.

Video ads on Snapchat cost around $1000 to $3000 per month. Video lenses that made Snapchat so popular can reach millions of views alone. A sponsored lens costs around $4,50,000 to $7,00,000 per day.

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