How much time does Digital Marketing take to yield results?


This is undoubtedly the first question that comes to our mind and yet the most complex one to answer. For every resource, every effort we put in we wish to see a return in exchange. And so even with Digital Marketing frequently ask question is How much time does Digital Marketing take to yield Results? Let’s break it down.

We are living in the world where we are surrounded by “IMMEDIATE”. We are living in an extremely fast paced world where delay is just unacceptable. So we probably even expect our digital marketing campaign to give immediate results; get immediate leads, spike in sales number.

But unfortunately even though we live in a digital age; it doesn’t always work this way. Which leads us to an important question

How long does it take to have significant Digital Marketing Results? A week? A month? A quarter? An year? More?

This depends on a lot of factors.

1. Industry

What kind of industry do you run? Business to business? Business to consumers? Furthermore even under business to consumer a more general brand example chocolate would have a wider target audience. However for a business of trophy manufacturing is highly streamlined. Hence industry plays an important role in promotions and response and reception from the audience.

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2. Where you start

A business which has barely 600 fans across social media and starting from scratch won’t see an immediate boost. On the other hand if one already has 12k fans following, its media strategy will already have immediate results. In such cases the Digital marketing strategy will immediately have an engagement from fans and followers.

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3. Goals and smart objective

Goal setting plays an important role. The goal should be such that it is attainable,  challenging, time-bound, specific and clear and relevant. SMART objective and realistic planning will always help in evaluating and experimenting in strategies.

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4. Budget and Expenditure

Paid promotions and boost help to cater and reach out to more audiences. Nowadays though organic social is important but paid when used wisely and meticulously gives amazing results. If you are willing to pay, you are much likely to attain results and see growth at a faster rate. Paid promotion has a huge role to play; since with so much content and advertisers on social media and also ever changing search algorithms it is impossible to reach out to the target audience only by organic posts.  

5. Digital Marketing Activities and Product Life Journey

  • Content Marketing Strategy :

Even after having amazing content, relevant to the point keywords and well defined goals; immediate results are very hard to fetch. It takes good Content Marketing Strategy and about 6-9 months to get results. Company should have 500 posts to get traffic. Companies that blog or post around 20 times a month get 4 times the traffic as of the ones that post about 15 times or less. Apart from this you may even need to focus on SEO. How consistent are your posts; their quality and their to the point relevant approach.

(Source : cepymenews)

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  • SEO

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing procedure. Results of even a thoughtful well implemented SEO could take 2 weeks or 6 months. SEO includes everything from keywords to website design; geographic location to content; target audience to domain. SEO is continuous investment and needs optimization on a regular periodical basis.

(Source: Financesonline )

  • Social Media

Even though you may see sudden peaks in viewers, likes, shares and reach ROI always takes time. According to studies a 80% growth in awareness roughly corresponds to 30% growth in sales. These figures may further vary for B2B and B2C.

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  • Pay per Click

PPC may increase your traffic, awareness, profits and sales at a higher pace. But even then it may take about 4 months to see optimum results. It is often regarded as the fastest way to reach out, get significant sales results. But it should also be noted that PPC highly depends on Budget, goals and product.

  • Product Life Cycle

This is a strategy suggested for use and categorizes the entire process in 4 parts. Introduction, Development, Maturity, Decline.

  • Introduction

Here the public becomes aware about the product and demand is just created. Paid campaigns must be utilized at this stage. Here a hype is created and brand struggles with building an image.

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  • Development

Sales and revenue start to come at this part. Consumers build faith and image building starts for the brand. Also all the experiment and innovation with content and response of the audience should be done at this stage.

  • Maturity

At this point the market saturates. The new competition starts to bud. The only challenge here becomes to retain the consumers. The already worked content should be reinforced in creative forms.

  • Decline

Competition, shift in consumer requirements, trends cause this stage. In such a stage the best option works with re-strategizing, changing logo, customer experience, website etc.

Overall for any strategy to work; consistency is must for Digital Marketing to yield Results. If you flood your inbox once a week and sit idly for the next 6 days; it wouldn’t work. Also Social Media may or may not give immediate results. However regular effort will definitely help. Keep innovating, creatively design and periodically posting. Everything does fall into place. If you build it, they will definitely come. 

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