Does Digital Marketing work for all businesses?

Does digital marketing works for all businesses

The field of marketing is evolving every day because of digital marketing. The popularity of Digital Marketing for Businesses has changed the outlook of advertising. Now, the consumers are more focused on how innovatively the marketing campaigns are structured instead of the product being marketed.

Digital marketing for business can work in any industry, regardless of it being developed or not, of what your company sells.  It helps in building the brand name and also helps in building buyer personas to identify your audience’s needs, and creating valuable online content. 

B2B and B2C Digital Marketing

B2B stands for Business to Business marketing, which is based on the same B2C i.e. Business to Customer marketing practices, but it a little bit different due to the nature and characteristics of the B2B commerce industry. The B2B audiences are tech-savvy, addicted to being bombarded with information and they are always short on time. On the other hand, digital marketing, in the case of B2C, is all about providing entertainment and fun for selling products and services to increase the engagement.

The following are some of the key differences between B2B and B2C marketing and their advantages to get the best out of Digital Marketing.

1. Past vs. Present

In the past, there were many more differences between these two Types of Marketing strategies as the primary method of research and point of contact differed. The initial basis was used by marketers to reach customers or their audience. On the other hand, the businesses used to be very formal and restricted in their methods of reaching out.

But today, the situation is completely different; both the businesses and the consumers are keen on working and researching their problems on the internet. A new and different area has opened up the opportunity for reaching out and making contact with potential new customers. With the help of digital marketing, the method of reaching out and contact is nearly identical. The B2B marketing process is designed for efficiency and the expertise seeking audiences. The B2B purchase process is more rational and logical as compared to the irrational consumer choices in the case of B2C marketing.

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2. B2B vs. B2C Audience 

The B2B buyers are usually at a very high position or the owners of their respective companies. They are more sophisticated and possess an in-depth understanding of the service being offered by marketers from an organizational perspective. They have an interest in a specific offer to grow their own company. Therefore, when the marketers convey a message through digital media, they have to take care of defining how the managers or business owners can boost profits, save money and stay competitive in the long run using their product. However, typical B2C buyers look for the best offer available to them. They usually prefer to purchase from the most trusted retailer. So, in this case, the marketing content and the website have to convey a feeling of confidence and security to the buyer. That is why the design of the site and the content on it matters the most. The consumers opt for trusted sources for purchase. Therefore, in the case of B2C marketing, digital marketers have to gain trust, security and brand loyalty.

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3. Size of the Market

The size of the market is one of the most important factors to be taken into consideration in the field of digital marketing. When we talk about B2C marketing, the market is larger and covers a major sector of the public, i.e., millions of customers are included in this case. Whereas in B2B marketing, one is targeting a particular niche, i.e., the number of clients is in thousands only. Hence, the differences in the sizes of the markets in both cases suggest that the content has to be appealing and unique to the particular market that the company is aiming to target.

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4. Marketing Material – Thought Leader or Entertainer? 

B2B marketing suggests that you must have a basic idea of the operational activities of the organizations which you are targeting. It is also important to know who will be looking at your content and website. In the B2B sector, there is a tremendous burden of knowledge because the business owners are focused on the growth and expansion of their companies. Your product will get an appreciation only if it is capable enough to enrich their development. You have to provide the consumer, the knowledge about your product by marketing material to lay out the foundation about how your product and services can save time, money and resources. To seek the attention of B2B customers, you must have to provide the relevant and catchy content which the businesses are actively searching for, and relate it with your offerings.

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Whereas, B2C marketing serves more of entertainment. The customers are not going to be attracted by the posts having too much sales pitch. Only the genuine, exciting, emotional and funny content can keep the masses happy and stick to your business.

5. Social Media Matters

B2B digital marketing strategy has a different perspective when compared to the social media strategy in B2C digital marketing. B2C companies flock to Facebook or any other social media platform to reach wider audiences, whereas, B2B companies focus on LinkedIn as a way to establish networks with active connections. In B2B digital marketing, the use of newer and trendier social media networks like Snapchat is not suitable in any way because teenage consumers are the possible users of this type of social platform. 

(Source : Creative website marketing)

Moreover, to increase the brand value of the business Digital Marketing for Business is essential, creating online public relations is considered as an integral and important part of B2C marketing, but it is not sufficient in the case of B2B marketing. In the case of B2C marketing, the marketers focus to get as many mentions in various industry publications and blogs to be read by their target audiences.

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