How do you create a Digital Marketing plan?

Create a digital marketing plan

Many people don’t create a proper Digital Marketing plan at all. They just come up with a random marketing idea, pursue it blindly, and hope that it will work out. Due to this, they inevitably run into roadblocks and when they do, as they’ve already spent so much time and money that they aren’t willing to change anything — and that’s why it is important to Create a Digital Marketing Plan

Before moving forward without any strategy, decide WHY you’re marketing and WHO you’re marketing to.

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Here is a five-step Digital Marketing Plan which will help you to frame a successful Digital Marketing plan:

Step 1: Establish Digital Marketing Goals

Once you have your rough idea about your position in the market and your strong points in mind, work on establishing some goals to have a clear idea of where your actions should take you. Everything you plan has to work towards meeting those goals and should positively work for you.

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You can work on developing the goal of your digital marketing plan with the SMART goals framework in mind: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals. These are the five major aspects that should be kept in mind before finalizing the goal.

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Step 2: Know where your customers are & what they want

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Once you’ve defined your business objectives, you need to figure out what are you going to do to achieve them? Customization is becoming important in digital marketing. Therefore, when it comes to characterizing your strategy for carrying out your plan, keep these factors in mind:

Segmenting your target audience

Know who you want to target, what their tastes, needs, or preferences are, how are you looking to meet their expectations, etc. This is the time to create your buyers’ persona.


To achieve proper positioning, you must be very clear about what your value proposition is and what it involves. In short, that’s why the consumer should choose you and not your competition. You need to figure out how you’re going to communicate your unique value product and how to do so appropriately on the channels where your audience is actively present.

Content strategy

This is very much important for creating, distributing, and managing original content that attracts users and positions the brand as deferential in users’ top of mind. You must also have to figure out a specific communications plan to reach out to your audience on every channel.

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Step 3: Set one goal

When it comes to digital marketing, people tend to jump from one platform to another i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Instagram, etc. All of these platforms can make money and give results, but only when done with proper intention and strategy. Most people don’t focus on the plan or strategy long enough to see any results. They often don’t even know the result they are looking for! 


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The way to grow and get the best result is to focus on the ONE result you want from your marketing plan. 

Once you focus on ONE goal, what steps you need to take to get there becomes much easier to figure out. Then, when you reach one goal, you can apply what you learned and plan to reach the other goal.

Step 4: Figure out where you are before where you want to be

When you open the Maps app on your smartphone, what’s the first thing that happens? Before the route is laid out, before you even enter your destination, the app pinpoints your current location automatically. It’s impossible to figure out your destination and path before you know where you’re starting.

That’s why it is important to figure out your starting point. So, instead of digging right into marketing tactics, we will first look at high-level strategy. Initially, we need to figure out where we are. Map out the route. And then execute.

To start, it is highly recommended to focus on email marketing and content marketing. Then, once you are more into it and have reached an advanced level, move on to the main aspect and Importance of digital marketing.

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Step 5: Work in reverse from your goal

Once you figure out your target market, your goal, and know what to focus on, it’s just a matter of simple calculation to create your digital marketing plan.

Let’s say the following two facts are true:

  1. Your goal is to get 1,000 new email subscribers in one year.
  2. Currently, you are getting an average of 10 new subscribers per week.

As per the calculation, you’ll get 520 subscribers if you continue doing what you’re doing now. (10 subscribers/week x 52 weeks per year).

To reach your goal; you need to double your current audience.

To do that you have 2 options:

  • Double your conversions
  • Double your traffic

If you consider the numbers and decide that you want to double your conversion, you avoid all the other tactics and just work on getting more opt-ins.

Step 6: Measuring Results and KPIs

The work doesn’t stop on designing and implementing your Digital Marketing Plan. The next step is one of the most important: analyzing the results. Analytics has turned into a crucial pillar for successfully optimizing digital marketing performance and spending.

We have to measure every action using KPIs to figure out if we earned the expected ROI. It helps in measuring the effectiveness of the strategies we implemented. It also shows where you lack and what changes are to be made. It will help us correct what doesn’t work to achieve the goals we set through our Digital Marketing Plan.

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