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What is SEO in content writing?2020-05-01T06:55:21+00:00

SEO mainly focuses on keywords and accurate content to rank the webpage.

On what basis is the content writer paid?2020-05-01T06:54:55+00:00

It depends on various factors, which include a target to some number of words, experience in the field, etc. It depends upon factors such as the expertise level of the writer, what type of audience you want to tackle, how many words you expect from the writer.

How much time does it take to deliver content?2020-05-01T06:54:25+00:00

It solely depends upon the number of words to be delivered in the content. Higher the amount of words, more time it would take to complete the task, but it would be done within the deadline, that’s for sure.

Who owns the copyright to the available content?2020-05-01T06:53:29+00:00

After the successful payment of the entire amount, the content is solely owned by the company that has paid for it. Our work is to provide the content you desire, finishing the work, and after the completion of the deal, the rights are solely in the hands of the business.