The Oxford dictionary describes Chatbots as “A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet.”
It further goes on to say ‘chatbots often treat conversations like they’re a game of tennis: talk, reply, talk, reply’
This is exactly how chatbots really behave. They act as an area or place where two human beings talk and discuss matters of mutual interest in a language which they really understand a language which is colloquial, slang as well as technical.
Lee Hung-Yi, an assistant professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering at National Taiwan University, says that chatbots can “learn” to use colloquial language by absorbing large amounts of information. For example, HIGH5 has programmed Robin to learn popular local slang from automatically scanning online content in order to build “Taiwanese-friendly” chatbots.
This means that a chatbot is a software that interacts with the users on a site behaving as if they were real humans interacting with the client.
All that you have to do is to input the data for the chatbot to be able to relay it and the chat cot becomes ready to answer any questions which the clients may want to ask.
This is a boon for any company that wants to increase its customer traffic by answering their questions and inquiries, the chatbot will do all this with accuracy without any extra cost of hiring a new set of personnel.
You can arrange for all queries to be answered and information provided to customers by the chatbot.
Thus, Chatbots can help a business grow in many ways.

Why Chatbot Important

● Chatbots are instrumental in increasing the efficiency of a business house through digital marketing, because if all the elementary work like taking feedbacks, taking orders, answering questions regarding the availability of certain products is done by the chatbot then the real employees of the organization can give their valuable services to other serious matters like taking decisions, planning, R&D, etc.
● Reduces cost if all the elementary work is done by a robot (chatbot) then the company need not invest in increasing the number of employees for other work because the existing workforce can tackle other matters while the chatbot takes care of the mandatory mundane.

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● Accuracy. A plus point regarding chatbots or robots or any such computerized workforce is that they are very accurate.
● The sleek operator No customer is offended by a robot if he asks straight questions. He can ask innumerable personal questions and the customer either answer it or skips it he does not argue.
● Customer Insight The best way to get the information that is needed to personalize the experience of the user when they return to the site is obtained by the questionnaire answered by him on the chatbot.


● Taking orders, Chatbots not only takes orders from clients but they also arrange the necessary supplies and subsequently process the payment. The efficiency and accuracy of the robot ensure that the supply, as well as the payment, has been done perfectly without any errors.
● The canny attitude according to the Cambridge dictionary Canny means thinking quickly and cleverly, especially in business or financial matters: this is what a robot or a chatbot does it replicates behavior patterns It uses predefined rules to respond to the customer’s inquiries. It can also lend a helping hand to the customer and provide him with a particular product or one similar to it or even one which can be used as an accessory.
● Front desk Officer that is what a chatbot is. It takes care of the basic questions, queries, and tries to satisfy the customer while the team of experts is preparing to face the harder part of the business dealings.
● Troubleshooter: The chatbot allows the employees to better manage their workload without customer support suffering.
● The social media hangouts Chatbots are rampant on Facebook and other social media platforms where they answer the queries and even redress the problems faced by customers. They take care of social media marketing by chatting and engage with them to solve problems relating to content consumption, customer service, and transactional engagements.
● Exclusive and personalized chatting
With the advent of Facebook Messenger Bot, businesses have got a great opportunity and a tool that gives them a chance to communicate with their consumers on a personal one to one level. The results that can be derived through messenger bots are very promising. Facebook Messenger chat blasts yield 80% open rates and 20% click-through rates on average. (Email Marketing open rate is 15-20% and click-through rate is 2-3%)

Chatbot Stats

Thus, we find that Chatbots are the new form of communication and are a new Avtar of AI or artificial intelligence. They not only act as customer service agents but at the same time help the owner expand his business, ensure a better clientele, save a lot of money by delegating frontline problems to these robots thus bringing a smile on the faces of overworked executives who have to face cut-throat competition from other competitors. The other plus point is the ability of the chatbots to satisfy the queries of customers and even offer them advice and support. The Chatbot is an excellent agent for online marketing and is there to stay.
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