12 Powerful Twitter Marketing Tips For 2020 (That Actually Work)

If you are into marketing, you must have thought of using social media as a marketing platform. Nowadays, people in the marketing profession spend a great deal of their time on social media. With growing technology, the world has paved new ways to grow business. Back in the 90’s we had ads to market our products. Now in 2020 most of the marketing is done online.

Among all the popular social media platforms today, Twitter is the best social networking tool and a great place to grow your business. With over 321 million monthly active users, and expected to grow more at the end of 2020. It’s easy to see why companies keep using Twitter after all of this time.

But it’s no longer enough to Tweet about the latest trending topic occasionally. Like every other social media platform, finding marketing success on Twitter takes strategic planning to know exactly what techniques work and which ones are a waste of time. Thankfully, you won’t have to spend any time figuring that out.

Here are 12 Powerful Twitter marketing tips for 2020 that actually work to increase the growth of your business.

1. Build an Attractive Profile

A complete, strategically crafted Twitter profile does far more for your brand’s Twitter account as it builds trust with your audience, improve how your business appears in search results, and give your customers a direct real-time channel to reach out to you with questions. Here’s how to do it right:

Twitter handle: Your Twitter handle is your username. Your handle needs to be short enough for people to remember and easily tag you. This should include your company’s name, so your customers can find you on the platform. Make sure to use the same brand or company name for all the social media accounts.

Profile: Your Twitter profile picture represents your brand or an individual.  Anytime someone interacts with your Twitter account, they’ll become even more familiar with your logo and recognize it when they see it elsewhere. The cleaner and simpler the logo, the better.

Header: The header on your Twitter profile is the space at top of the profile, can be used to unleash your creativity and show off your brand message and personality.

2. Optimize your Profile Bio

Twitter lets you use 160 characters in your bio to give a brief synopsis of what they’re about and what your company does. Create a bio that attracts the audience and fits with your brand’s image.

Here are a few things to do when drafting your bio:

  • Write a bio from scratch, avoid copying from other content.
  • A bio should sound sweet, it should be short.
  • Keep it exact. Tell people precisely who your brand is.
  • Let it be something humorous and engaging.
  • Keep it targeted. Write a bio that will attract people that fit in with your target audience.
  • Add hashtags so that people can find your account when they search for those terms.

3. Engage with your audience.

It’s easy for marketers to get obsessed with the number of followers we collect on Twitter. But without engagement, your follower number is just a number. To be a successful twitter marketer you need to engage with your audience. Twitter has been designed to help people connect and engage on a personal level.

Studies show that customers expect a response from brands on social media within an hour. However, most of the brands take 10 hours to respond which results in losing followers. Therefore it is recommended to regularly check your direct messages and notifications. Let your audience know that you are active and they can easily reach you out.

Another way to create engagement with your followers is to ask questions. You can do this by creating a survey on Twitter directly or just asking a question and Retweeting people’s responses.

4. Create Engaging content

Customers get dragged with the brands that keep up with trending content. Take proper note of the things that interest and engages your audience. Twitter marketing tips are incomplete without at least one tip on creating engaging content. Twitter marketing increases sales, brings your leads and boosts clicks.

Add CTAs (call to action), they can drive the attention of your audience quickly. Use words like follow us, provide a link to your website, shop or sales in your content. Let people know if you have an app, provide your link download link, so that they can reach out to you after being influenced by your content

Twitter increased its character limit from 140 to 280. This allows tweeters to get creative. Now you can fit more in each of your tweets. Twitter marketing should be done consistently. Make daily, weekly and monthly plans for social media networks.

It’s never compulsory to upload daily but your tweets should be rich, unique with a short heading so that others may retweet it. Avoid posting irrelevant content. This may shoo your followers away.

Find out how many retweets, follows, replies, favorites and click-through your tweet gets.

Impression: Check how many times your tweets appeared on your audience’s timeline.

Hashtags: Find out which of your hashtags are usually used by your audience.

Top tweets: Find out which of your recent tweets received more retweets and categorize the ones people favorited.or favorites. Create similar tweets to drag the audience’s attention frequently.

Twitter analytics is a free tool. It particularly helps you to understand your twitter activity, twitter engagement, impression. Further, it gives information about your followers.

Several apps are available that give detailed information about a specific type of data such as hashtags, keywords performance and your competitors.

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5. Frequently post twitter Video

Visual marketing brings positive effects to the audience. According to a survey, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.

Consumers prefer to watch a video to learn about a product over reading a page on the product. In fact, 84% of users who watch a brand’s video end up buying the product. Tweet the videos created by your company.

According to Adweek, videos can be retweeted six times more than images and texts. Twitter allows its users to go live with the live video feature. It is posted as a tweet.

Image Source: https://kinsta.com/

6. Post Images to Increase Retweets

Sharing relevant, catchy and high-quality images will bring consumers’ engagement. Tag the images you post. Add images to your posts. Put your brand’s or product information on the image.

Post images at least 3 times a week. This is because images can easily explain things which text fail to. Tweets with images always stand out and get more audience attention.

100 million GIFs were shared on twitter in 2016. You can add relevant GIFs to your tweets. Animated GIFs can also draw your audience’s attention on your brand. Use a tool like Canva to create a simple graphic like this one and add it to your tweet.

Image Source: https://kinsta.com/

7. Tweet at Peak Time

Tweet at a suitable time, preferably when the number of users is active is more on their accounts.

Studies show that tweets posted on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 12 pm and 6 pm bring thousands on clicks. Other studies show that posting between 12 pm to 3 pm on Monday through Friday will work best.  Users are more active at this time.

Posting during peak times will help you boost engagement. You will gain higher CTRs when you post at peak hours. Build a good relationship with your customers or audience. This will bring your audience back to you every time you tweet.

It also depends on your audience. Try posting at different times to check how many clicks, retweets you get at different times and find out the best time to reach your audience. After finding out the active hours of your audience make a schedule to tweet according to peak time. So, none of your content goes in vain.

Stay active on Twitter tweet often. Tweeting once or twice a week will not help you in Twitter marketing.

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8. Target Audience and be Interactive with Your Audience

You can’t serve all on twitter. Twitter marketing needs to be audience-specific. Know your target audience and their likes, interests. Try to put out real value content in your posts.

Build a twitter marketing strategy. Focus on the right audience. Target audiences who live in your area and are from the same industry. After finding the right audience keep an eye on their likes and interest and post something relevant to their interests in order to engage them in your content.

When you are mentioned in a post or comments, give a positive response. Cut down trolls and don’t initiate or encourage negative comments. Gain your audience’s trust. Follow your followers and compliment their work. Always respond to them when they try to connect with you. Generate leads and arrange to meet up out of Twitter.

Creating a poll on twitter will bring audience engagement on your page. Such polls can be used for market research, to get feedback, and to initiate conversations with the audience.

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9. Showcase Your Brand and Get Verified on Twitter

Getting verified on twitter will trigger your business growth. This will obviously affect your marketing and business.

Twitter says that it accepts requests for account verification only if the user is in music, fashion, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, acting, government, and other known interest areas.

A blue checkmark appears beside your user name or handles this symbolizes that you have a twitter verified account. People generally get influenced by the verified Twitter account. This brings the audience trust in you and on your brand.

After getting verified and investing your time in building a great twitter profile, make sure that people can see your work. So, put your Twitter handle on your twitter, emails, on your products and wherever you think is appropriate.

10. Track Your Analytics

When you put effort into building something you will consequently expect a great result. You can check your twitter marketing results by analyzing your work.

Depending on the business you are marketing on Twitter you should certainly keep a note on some metrics, such as average tweet performance, audience type, engagement rate, brand follower growth, etc.

11. Make Use of Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

Tweets with hashtags receive 2 times more engagement than the tweets with no hashtags.  Above all, avoid overusing hashtags as this will lower your engagement level.

Hashtags help your audience to find your content easily. Similarly, it helps you to find influencers in other industries. Furthermore, hashtags allow your content to be classified and grouped with related content on Twitter. 

Image Source: https://kinsta.com/

Keywords play a major role in twitter marketing. They draw traffic for your posts, social media account, blogs, and website. They allow followers to connect with you. Keywords need to be used according to your audience’s interests. However, creating the content of the best quality holds the upper hand over quantity.

You should also remember to include relevant keywords and hashtags in every tweet you post.

12. Reach out to Twitter Influencers

One of the major Twitter marketing tips includes reaching out to the right influencers. It may not seem easy but it is certainly possible. You need to get together with them and work cohesively. It is important to give them quality content that contains portions of their interest.

Go through the profiles of influencers. Find out influencers in your industry. Check if their work or interests are related to your business. Find out the number of followers they have. You can find the right influencers with the help of the Twitter list. There are several Twitter lists related to everything from enterprise software to digital influencers. 

You can use the Twitter list by simply entering your search phrase on Twitter.com then click on Timeline in the left sidebar. After that, all the lists associated with your search phrase will appear on your screen.

Once you find out the right influencers, connect with them, DM them. You can also ask them for your company’s promotion in their tweets. If you are new on twitter but find it hard to get followers to go for Twitter Ads as they will get you more attention from other users. Though Twitter ads may be expensive, they increase customer engagement.

Here is another tip. Try to make your ads conversational because these promote engagement on your tweets.

At last, check it before you Tweet it

Firstly, go through your content. Secondly, verify the grammar, spellings, keywords, and hashtags used. Thirdly, stay away from tweets which would create ethical issues or problems.

Above all, avoid spamming people. This may get you a negative image and thus, result in the loss of an audience or followers.

In addition to above, stay away from twitter trolls and accounts that try to attack your brand for no real reason. If a customer trolls you, reply professionally and wait for their response.

Sometimes a tweet can be misread because of the way the words were put in a sentence or a typo. So make sure to carefully check your tweet before you post it.


The marketing tips mentioned above are the basic need to start any successful Twitter marketing account. This is because Twitter is the best place to generate leads. What makes twitter marketing challenge is the short lifespan of tweet.No tweets last more than a few minutes.  Indeed, thousands of tweets are put online every second.

The Twitter marketing tips discussed here will help you to boost your business through social media only if you will put these into action with positive intentions.

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