10 Online Marketing Mistakes that people make everyday


Digital marketing involves a lot of creativity and we often try new tactics and styles in search of new attractive ideas. While trying to be innovative we may often find ourselves committing Online Marketing mistakes and most of the time not even realizing them. While some mistakes may not cause any significant damage other may hamper the growth and may cause a significant negative on the outcomes.

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Here are some of the common Digital Marketing Mistakes we may make:

1. Being Product Centric

While being product centric helps us attain short term goals and appears to give immediate sales results in such an approach; business may not define itself in the long run and is the Digital Marketing mistake people often make. While marketing it is important for the brand itself to define and make a mark for the business itself.

Advocating a product has two major negative impacts. First the product itself becomes the identity of the brand. Which means any shortcoming may further be seen as a shortcoming of the brand. And second and most important impact is that it limits the potential of the Company and market by restricting itself to the product.

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2. Ignoring Mobile Users

It is not surprising that mobile phones are more handy and be it waiting in the lounge or ideally sitting at home; we find ourselves browsing Facebook and Instagram on our mobile phones. Also more than 50% people have found websites and advertising to not be mobile friendly.


( Source : Bluecorona )

We often forget optimizing our content as per mobile users which is a very important feature these days. It can directly impact your consumer experience overall.

3. Failing to take in account customers and their problems

People are always concerned about how the product shall ease their life or how the service makes them experience. It is very important to understand the mental state of consumers and their desires, expectations and wants. Consumers may most of the time not be very concerned about the product but the way it made them feel. Marketing the correct requirement is key to successful Digital Marketing plan and for that it  is also very important to take in account feedback and address the issues faced by consumers.

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4. Failing to offer discounts and promotions

Many studies have shown that discounts, coupons and rewards increase the Customer Loyalty. Infact the sales figure are so significant that it becomes almost mandatory for the consumers. More than 90% people have visited the retailers after being gifted a coupon or availing a reward.

Almost 60% users have switched brands on the prospect of being rewarded a coupon. It also becomes very important to strategize uch a discount and market it very carefully.

5. Forgetting to use videos

Videos are always engaging and capture and grab the attention of viewers immediately. Furthermore the impact of a video is always more effective and lasts more on the viewer. In a study it was witnessed that more than 40% of people who watched a video logged in the website. Hence videos can very easily generate new leads and if your marketing technique doesn’t include videos you are in grave trouble.

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6. Focusing on quantity rather than quality

Instead of staggering and stacking a number of posts you should always focus on improving the content; making it more creative and eye catchy. Keep in mind if you keep posting in high frequency the viewers may in fact get tired of seeing your posts in their feed. Infact content should be innovative and creative such that people eagerly wait to check your posts. An out of the box thinking will definitely help you stand out from your competition and build a loyal market of consumers and followers.

7. Targeting too many people

Instead of generalizing your feed and obtaining less conversion streamline your content to the potential consumers. Also don’t make assumptions based on demographics. Narrow down your potential buyers based on Market Research and instead of wasting your resources by targeting everyone focus only on the relevant audience.

8. Not using Lead Validation

Not all conversions come from Internet marketing. Keep in mind that there are various other possibilities that may attract people; example word of mouth, sales representative, job applicants, enquiries etc. Always  make sure to validate your leads. Only then can you accurately judge your marketing performance.

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9. Forgetting to personalize

Personalization always establishes a sense of community building and a long lasting relationship. It helps you connect with the users and imbibes a stronger bond of loyalty. Always try to inculcate and establish an emotional connection. Customer experience is overall defined by the sense of connection they feel and this can help you retain your audience in the long run.

10.  Forgetting to measure ROI

To evaluate how successfully a strategy has worked you need to measure your ROI. Unsuccessful campaigns can unnecessarily increase your budget and become one cause of Digital Marketing Mistake. Many times even innovative and smart concepts can fail due to timing or other reasons. In such a case ROI can help you plan your strategy to tackle instead of wasting your budget. You may check feedback and response by traffic, leads, Click through rates and conversions.

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